Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Morning

Up until now, I can remember experiencing only two celebrity related dreams. The first one featured a semi-sexual situation with Will Arnett and occurred when I was taking in an inordinate amount of Arrested Development. The second was a bit more involved and entailed Luke Wilson operating on me in a local grocery store after my sister and I made a pact to shoot ourselves in the head.

Last night I drifted into an easy sleep that led me down an unusual path. I awoke refreshed and feeling particularly well and immediately headed out to my little vegetable garden. Standing in the morning sunshine snapping fuzzy green beans from the vine, a series of dreamy snapshots manifested a larger picture in my mind. A nautical themed restaurant, shaped like a boat. Hairless chests on shirtless men. Velvet-cushioned benches. Blinding, grinning white teeth.

I came inside and sat on the edge of my bed, musing and munching my harvest, and there it came to me. A love triangle. Matt Damon. Ben Afleck. And Me.

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