Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Customary First Post

I contemplated a post title for several minutes (anticipating my co-writer's scrutiny of each potential choice) before settling on one that has kicked off so many of my past blogging ventures.

The idea to collaborate came to me on a walk home in sub-zero temperatures yesterday evening (April 19- Pure Michigan, baby). I was returning to a genius roommate/best friend with no particular creative outlet, while thinking selfishly about how for the past three weeks I haven't been doing anything I love.

Reading and writing are our passions and we're quite good at them. Paula achieved a perfect score in the reading comprehension section of ACT in 2005 and I managed the same on the essay portion. So, obviously, our talents are indisputable.

After mildly successful stints blogging individually last summer (for paula, finding the humor in what were once life-ending dramatics and, for me, deeply offending a set of financially supportive parents), we've decided (or been forced) to finally combine our talents in Detroit and start musing about the lives we lead, because ultimately, writing about whatever one pleases is more fun than looking for paid positions in which one will be told what to write about (at least in my opinion). It's my hope that reflecting on some of my life's more humorous moments and having others find joy in reading about them will somehow give me a feeling of fulfillment.

This blog won't be devoted to a single topic; neither of us has the inertia or attention span for that. Instead, we will deviate from blog code and explore the various things that interest, inspire and confound us. We will allow our location to serve as the lone thread linking these anecdotes.

Happy reading.

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